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1. Do not grief

a). Do not grief someone’s build. This includes any block, farm animals, captured mobs, and villagers.
b). Unless given explicit permission from a staff or the owner of the build, destroying anything placed by hand is considered griefing.
c). Griefing what is considered an abandoned build is generally not allowed.
d). If a person requests for you to leave their claim for any reason, you must comply with their request. Not leaving will result in you being teleported away. If you return to the claim without permission from the person, you will be punished.
e). If you live inside a person's claim, the owner of the claim has the final say. This includes kicking you out without notice, telling you where to build, and etc. Land claim owner's actions cannot supersede the server's rule: destroying your build, killing your animals, and etc.
f). Taking another player's item(s) without their consent is considered griefing.

2. Do not advertise

a). Advertising is prohibited in chat. Advertising consists of promoting anything that isn’t Cynagen related.
b). Discussion of external products (Computers, Hypixel, Bell Peppers, Dr. Pepper, etc.) are allowed as long as they are not being promoted. YouTube videos, Google links, Twitch, and external sites are allowed provided you're sensible with them - no linking to a virus, NSFW, or the like.

3. Be Respectful to everyone

a). Demeaning rhetorics are not allowed anywhere on the server (builds, chat, books, signs, etc).
b). Cyber-bullying, harassment, and doing things to create chaos isn’t allowed.
c). If a player is being inappropriate in chat, contact the staff about it. You can use the /ignore command to ignore them. If you engage in a conflict with them, you may also be punished for engaging in conflict.

4. Keep the server peaceful and enjoyable

a). Keep controversial topics such as political or religious related issues out of the server.
b). Inappropriate skins are not allowed on the server. You will be reqested to change your skin. Failure to change your skin will result in a ban.
c). Inappropriate usernames are not allowed on the server. You will be requested to make a name change. Failure to change your name will result in a ban.
d). Purposely causing lag to the server is not allowed. This includes anything that will jeopardize the server's integrity.
e). Anyone with bad faith and/or deliberately irritates and/or harasses other player(s) within the game are not permitted on the server.

5. Cheating, hacking, and exploiting are not allowed

a). If you abuse any exploits, bugs, or glitches, you will be punished based on the severity of the abuse. Unfair advantages that you find are considered exploits and should be reported to a staff member or in the #support channel on Discord.
b). If you have any knowledge of advantageous bugs, glitches, or exploits, please report them immediately. Failure to do so will result in both parties being banned.
c). Using modifications to the game such as x-ray texture packs is also considered cheating.
d). Using aspects of the game in unintended ways are prohibited. If you're not sure, ask in our Discord
e). Using anything that gives the user a clear advantage on the server is prohibited. If you're not sure, ask in our Discord.

6. Use some common sense

Common sense is this magical thing that very few people have. According to every dictionary ever made, it means that you shouldn’t be stupid.
a). Encouraging players to break the rules counts as not having common sense.
b). Not following the rules is considered not having common sense.
c). Going around a punishment is considered not having common sense.

Note: Going around the spirit or the intent of the rules is not allowed


  • Any discussion of inappropriate topics in the server will be punished. Inappropriate jokes will be left up to moderator discretion, within reason. Outright 18+ discussion (eg. sexual comments, roleplaying, or conversations) is prohibited on the server. One warning will be given, and any follow up punishment will be more severe.
  • Do not change your nickname to match an existing one or attempt to impersonate a person on the server. It's annoying.
  • Try to keep the server English only. You may use other language here and there, but keep the general conversation in English.
  • Any system that "plays" for you while you're AFK is not allowed. This includes taping your mouse button down, using a macro, or any other external out-of-the-game aid.
  • You are not allow to profit from strictly VIP specific items / perks.
  • The player is not allowed to perform any action(s) if they are not actually playing the game.
**Moderators are to only enforce the rules above.
*Admins have final say in things NOT listed above. You are to only debate your issue with the staff that issued the punishment.
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