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Chunk Resetting

Every 12 months (interval subjected to change), chunks will be selectively reset. What this means is that any chunks that have been loaded for less than 45 minutes will be reset. Claiming an area will not prevent the area from being reset if the chunks have been loaded for less than 45 minutes. The chunk load time is a one-time thing. Once a chunk as been loaded for a total of 45 minutes, it will always be there. You do not have to come on every X period to load the chunk again for 45 minutes.
This timer only counts up when a player is in a ticking chunk (aka Simulation distance, which as of now, is 4 chunks around players).

Claims Resest

Claims do NOT automatically reset. However, within reason, a claim can be requested for removal if the owner of the claim has not been active for ATLEAST 90 days.


  • Double drops for McMMO are disabled.
  • Most of the skills have been nerfed. Some are more heavily nerfed than others.
  • Each still caps out at level 1000.

World border size

As of April 30, 2022, the world size are as follows:
  • Overword - 200k x 200k
  • Nether - 30k x 30x
  • End - 30k x 30k

What is mspt in tab?

Changed TPS to MSPT (millisecond per tick). This should better represent lag on the server compared to tps. MSPT also allows us to see how much headroom we have on the server before it starts lagging.
There are 1000 milliseconds in a second. Minecraft runs at 20 TPS (ticks per second).
1000 milliseconds per second / 20 = 50 milliseconds. What this means is that as long as the sever is operating at less than or equal to 50mspt, there should be no lag. At 100 mspt, the server is considered to be running at 50% speed (= 10tps.... BAD!).
This also means that at something like 20mspt, we will have 30 more mspt to play with before server starts lagging.
The above might not always be the case since priority for resource is different. Loading a chunk might have priority compared to opening chests. Chunk loading could be 2x slower while opening chest would take 9x longer due to server prioritizing chunk loading in this scenario.
It's normal to see mspt value spike above 50 for a few seconds. (i.e. player doing /wild)
Some values for comparison: 52.6mspt = 19tps 55.5mspt = 18tps 58.8mspt = 17tps 62.5mspt = 16tps 66.6mspt = 15tps 100mspt = 10tps 200mspt = 5tps
^ Can see here that even the slightest amount over 50mspt can cause some big drop in tps
Basically: The higher the mspt, the more load is on the server. If above 50, bad!
For example, if the mspt was 100 (1000 / 100 = 10), then that means the server is operating at equivalent of 10 tps.
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